Skateboarding Clinics for School Sport - Sydney

Have a Skateboarding Clinic at your School!

Skateology provides skateboarding workshops for kids as part of school sport or as a special activity at school.

Skateboarding is a great sport for kids as it is in many areas. Skateboarding as an activity for school sport promotes balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and builds confidence. It is also a great social activity and lots of fun!

Challenges and age appropriate 'risk taking' experiences are directly related to and improve how we learn. Skateboarding workshops improve listening skills, strengthen gross motor function and teach spatial awareness. They also help enhance cognitive function, ie inter-relating or working out balance, speed and timing to develop skateboarding skills and to perform skateboarding tricks.

A child/young person’s social domain can be developed through confidence building and friendships formed while participating in a fun activity leading to improved self esteem. Social etiquette for the public skate parks is also taught during lesson time.

The basic outline for the sessions is as described on the Skateboarding Workshops page and we bring all the equipment required to your location. The workshops for the schools program progress throughout the term to keep up with the kids’ increasing knowledge and skill level.

Skateboarding as a School Sport Sydney